AdWords & Display Advertising

So, what is Adwords & Display Marketing?.

Google AdWords is Google's advertising system where the advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to display in Google's search results. Are you looking to attract new online visitors, grow online sales, get the phones buzzing or keep visitors coming back for more? Google AdWords can help.

Display advertising purely refers to the ads–in various forms–served to visitors on a website. You will see the Ads on just about every website you visit, and in many cases you willl see many ads per page. Just as TV networks run commercials to make money to support their programming, many websites serve display ads to fund their operations.

Google AdWords.

Measurable, Accountable, Flexible
Google AdWords gives you the complete report of how many people noticed your ads and what percentage click to land on your website, or call you. With the tracking tools, you can even see the genuine sales your website will generate as a direct result of your ads.

Insights around the clock
You can view how your campaign is doing at any time by logging in to your Google AdWords account. To save your time, we’ll also send you a monthly outline listing all the key statistics and figures that matter.

Stop, start, pause, test
You can pinch your ads, endeavour new search terms, pause your campaign and re-start whenever you like, for free – and all within Google AdWords.

Display Advertising .

Advertisers pay publishers to have their messaging appear next to the website’s content. Just like Toyota may pay to have its messaging appear in the middle of Modern Family, the company may pay to have its ads appear on any number of websites.

eRPM: Short for Effective Revenue per 1,000 impressions, this term indicates how much money is earned for every 1,000 impressions on a website. This is a standardized metric publishers use to calculate how efficiently they are monetizing their traffic; the higher the eRPM, the better you’re doing.

Ad Unit: A single ad placement on a website, defined by its location on the page and the dimensions of the ad shown. For example, a 300×250 above-the-fold medium rectangle is an ad unit.

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